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Wondering How To Enquire Or Order Our Wholesale Bamboo Flooring?

Wholesale Bamboo Flooring understands that you have enough to do and may not even need bamboo flooring right now.

While we do not know your specific circumstances right now, chances are you’re probably in the research phase and learning the differences between bamboos flooring, which ones you are comfortable with and of course, what you can get for your money.

As business owners ourselves we understand completely that it pays to do your research.

That’s why we make the information you seek as non-invasive as we can with a complimentary price guide.

This way you can…

  • Find out more about the businesses and people we help and how they benefit
  • Learn how many of our clients’ businesses benefit by saving thousands on their bamboo flooring at wholesale prices
  • Discover more of the products we supply
  • And learn a little bit more about us

We also know from feedback that the last thing you want to do is spend your time, energy and money trawling countless bamboo flooring websites, only to end up more confused than ever or to find the stock you enquired about is no longer in production.

So, to find out more or order your wholesale bamboo flooring please…

1. Phone us 1300 919 638 and speak with our customer service and support team

2. Alternatively, email your enquiry to us at:

3. Or register for our complimentary price guide and have one mailed out to you.

This FREE guide contains invaluable information about the people we serve, our products, how you’ll benefit and much more, which many people and businesses find extremely useful in the research phase so please take advantage of that and order yours below right now…

Yes, please register me for my complimentary price guide. I understand I also have the option to have this posted to me by entering my details on the next page. I understand the price guide will detail the different packages available from Wholesale Bamboo Flooring.

For further information about our range of products and prices, please enter your details in the form above to get access to instant pricing and the opportunity to have the information package posted out to you.