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Who Buys Our Wholesale Bamboo Flooring and Decking?

Flooring Retailers And Franchises

Why? With Wholesale Bamboo Flooring, time-poor flooring retailers are able to reduce the time and energy they spend on sourcing and negotiating bamboo flooring for their retail store. Of course, they also love the wholesale pricing, and they get to supply their customers with the latest bamboo flooring styles and designs.

Carpet & Flooring Installation Businesses

Love our flooring for any number of reasons. First, they get to save the outgoing costs by buying the bamboo flooring wholesale. Second, they love the quality of the product, which makes it easier to install and reduces damaged waste. Third, they love that we also supply the complete range of bamboo and flooring accessories to fit the outdoor decking and bamboo flooring in places such as stairwells, skirting, carpet joins and more.

Developers, New Home Builders & Renovation Services

Builders, developers and large renovation companies see the value of using our wholesale bamboo flooring on their new home builds, apartment blocks and other projects. For some it’s the quality of the product and knowing that we take care of everything for them that matters.

Others love the wholesale prices. Another group like the fact that they can give their projects and customers something a little different, and another portion love the wholesale cost savings.

Interior Design Services

Interior Designers enjoying using Wholesale Bamboo Flooring due to the range we can supply, the unique look, feel and quality our bamboo and decking has and how it looks finished on the floor.

Whether it’s a bamboo floor for a café, restaurant or a floor for a home or remodel, Interior designers love the fact that they are giving their clients something that adds value to their home, business or project and that all our flooring is guaranteed with a 10-Year Commercial & 25-Year Residential Lifetime Structural Warranty.

Landscaping Services

While each landscaping business is different, one thing they all agree on is that when they can install indoor or outdoor decking or bamboo flooring in their customers’ yards or entertainment areas, everyone wins.

The landscaper gets to improve his or her service and profits to their customers and the customer is happy because they do not have to take a chance on hiring a new contractor they do not know anything about.

Shop fitting Services

Shop fitting services use our bamboo flooring and outdoor decking to fit out their customers’ retail stores, cafes and bistro’s as well as franchises so they all have a consistent look and feel.

Of course, there are many other businesses and services that see the advantages of buying their bamboo flooring wholesale from us, as bamboo flooring is both attractive and cost effective.

We know from experience that the profits you can make from buying your bamboo flooring for wholesale prices could add up to thousands, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings, which is why we have a complimentary price guide. Please register for your complimentary price guide below.

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